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How to sexy up that loo (we promise you this - it's pretty easy)

I read some time ago that men spend just under two hours in the loo on a weekly basis, while women will devote approximately one year, seven months and 15 days, over the course of a lifetime, to the loo (a month longer than men, incidentally). Some of us find the bathroom to be the only place we're able to discover privacy and peace, barricading ourselves behind a closed bathroom door. And maybe that's also why we stack books in there, to keep us otherwise occupied when we're avoiding the bedlam of our lives beyond the loo door. I personally have a copy of E.E. Cummings poetry and Carole Maso's "Aureole" in my guest bathroom at all times. Yeah, it's some high-brow stuff to display next to the toilet.

Since we evidently spend so much time in this particular room, I think it's important to give it a kick in the arse and infuse it with some beauty. Here are our Lily Spindle tips for beautifying your loo:


I can't stress this enough. Soft, absorbent, textured or untextured, so long as they're white. Not only are they crazy easy to clean (a splash of bleach and your favorite non-toxic laundry detergent), but they take every loo to spa-status sophistication. (*additional tip: when your towels have reached their expiration date, cut those suckers up and make them into rags for housecleaning, et cetera.)

(image source: Pinterest)


There's something elegant and unexpected about a side chair in the loo. If you have room for it, go for it. Not only can it lend color and texture and shape to a room that's basically all about function, but it's a decidedly lovelier place to sit when clipping your nails, isn't it?

(image source: Pal + Smith, Heritage Bathroom, Nanette Wong)


When you're not reading or meditating or staring at your own countenance in the mirror, I think you ought to be looking at something wonderful (not more wonderful than your own gorgeous reflection, of course, but wonderful nonetheless). Art in the loo is the ultimate in luxury (and need not carry a luxury sort of price tag, either). Whether it's the colorful resin sculptures made by artist Ned Evans (full disclosure here: he's my husband) or a framed vintage painting, artwork in the bathroom infuses it with levity and life.

(image source: T Magazine, Ned Evans)


Cowhides are extremely durable and outlandishly beautiful. And they're able to warm up a tile or wood floor instantly without a lot of fuss and maintenance. A well-placed sheepskin is another means to immediately sexy-ing up the joint. And what's better than stepping out of a shower or bath into this soft cloud of amazingness? If you have ethical issues against these elements, I hear you and respect you. That said, design studios like Pure Rugs, repurpose the hides after the fact, as the animal (after spending some time languidly wandering the countryside) has already become a part of the meat industry. *I've also personally been to the Pure Rugs showroom in Culver City, and it's just as lovely as the people who run the place.

(image source: Camellia Interiors, Pinterest)


Assuming there's ample enough room to accommodate it, a soaking tub is like inviting a glorious deity to set up permanent camp in your loo and generally make your life more awesome. Claw-footed or otherwise, a soaking tub is the ultimate in relaxation. Better than an afternoon at Burke Williams and you can super soak until your fingers and toes are contentedly wrinkled! If you're gonna follow the wise words of Charles Eames and "take your pleasure seriously," this is how you do it.

And as for all those shea butters and body oils and q-tips and cotton balls - get those guys organized. It's incredible what a pretty little tray can do. This brass and acrylic one from Williams-Sonoma is a solid choice, as is this vintage Sheffield silverplate tray. Or you can go for a simple, straightforward (and very cost-effective) walnut tray like this one at CB2. Candles are key, of course, and I think it's always important to remember that while your pleasure must be taken seriously, you must not take yourself too seriously. There's nothing wrong with irreverence and a bit of fun like fashion designer's Andrea Pompilio's inclusion of an alligator figurine in his Milan studio loo.

(image source: Homebunch, The Selby, Minted)

Go forth and sexy up that loo of yours! If you've got any tips of your own you'd like to impart, something we may have missed in our five-tip list, or you'd like to get in touch with us to talk about your loo-in-need, give us a shout at or

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