A full-service design team based in Los Angeles, CA, we feel the atmosphere of a space is completely mutable. The design of a house, for instance, has the profound ability to affect how its inhabitants live and feel - their moods, energy, sense of contentment, and communal harmony.

We make it our goal to take uncertainty and intimidation out of interior design and to focus on creating whatever it is a space, its humans (adults and tykes alike), and its animals truly need and will adore for years to come. 

Whether the design is modern, elegant, vintage, sumptuous, understated, vibrant, or an amalgam of all these things, we perceive the entirety of the space, from top to bottom. Mixing high with low, old with new, East with West, our collective backgrounds in art and design give us a particularly uncommon perspective on décor and what works in every distinct space, with each and every distinct lifestyle and purpose. We approach every space with an understanding of its individuality.

Lily Spindle makes spaces that feel good. We breathe new life into interiors. We create spaces that capture you.


Lily Spindle



California transplant with roots in New Jersey.  Lifelong artist with an extensive practice spanning from sculpture to product design, from restoration of cultural history to reinvention of environments. Lover of far-flung travel. Unapologetic tribal rug addict. Intrepid problem-solver. Warm water surfer. Proud mama of rescue animals.



East coast native. West coast dog mom. Big fan of vintage Chesterfields and the scent of dusty old books. Two decades’ worth of experience in the design, art, and sales universe with a concurrent career in writing fiction and editorials. Strong believer in the power of art, the beauty of imperfections, lattes all day, and dog hair on everything.





Photography by Rita Earl