“If you want a golden rule that will fit everything, this is it:
Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.”  

 - William Morris

The design of a house has the profound ability to sculpt how its inhabitants live - their moods, their energy levels, their joys, desires, triumphs, contentment, and sense of harmony. The entire atmosphere of a space is mutable. So why not make it awesome?  Our goal is to take intimidation out of interior design and to, instead, focus on creating whatever it is a space needs – modern, elegant, vintage, sumptuous, understated, vibrant. Or maybe an amalgam of all that and more. We’re not afraid to mix high and low, old and new, East and West, and our collective backgrounds in art and design give us a particularly uncommon perspective on décor and what works in every distinct space, with every distinct lifestyle.


Lily Spindle works on projects ranging from a single room to an entire home, from new construction to a bothersome corner you “just can’t figure out,” from color consultation to spatial planning and personal shopping, creatively and seamlessly combining pieces in your present collection with our curated selections. We don't have a “look,” we, simply put, love beauty. Ultimately, we feel we create homes that are truest to the people living within them, and we cultivate some very lovely relationships with our clients throughout the process.

In support of our abiding belief in second chances and in honor of our gaggle of collective rescue animals, Lily Spindle frequently donates to Los Angeles-based animal rescues like A Purposeful Rescue, Angel City Pits, Home Dog LA, Love Leo, and Downtown Dog Rescue. Lily the dog, shown here on her favorite custom-made sectional, is, in fact, a DDR rescue. 


We moved into our home in Los Feliz right after the birth of our first child. Over the years we added one more kid and 4 more dogs! Our kids went from being babies to a 5 and a 9 year old and our house needed a glamour overhaul! We love our home but all the decor and the wall colors were feeling outdated and dull and the same as they were 9 years ago. I saw a blog post the Lily Spindle ladies posted with a bedroom wall painted a gorgeous shade of blue and I thought “I need that!!”. I wanted that kind of gorgeousness for our home. And the ladies did not disappoint. I can honestly say I loved every idea, every shade, every piece of furniture and art they suggested. They came in and worked major magic on our home and turned it into a place I want to spend time in. I no longer look around and think “Ugh. Same.” I feel energized, creative and happy to live here. My dogs look beautiful lounging on every piece of furniture and new accent pillows. My house is now the house of my dreams and it would not have been possible without LIly Spindle. The beauty of Lily Spindle, besides their design skills, is that they are beyond wonderful to work with. Positive, sharp, dedicated and funny. They are a total and utter delight. We are so lucky to have found them.
— Kerry + Scot Armstrong, Los Feliz, California

A year ago, we decided to make some changes in our home. For months the project sat unfinished, not knowing how to solve some design roadblocks. Lily Spindle came highly recommended from a friend who had recently had a complete facelift at her home.

Marta and I have never worked with a company that was so easy and so accommodating! Not only did everything go extremely smooth, we have a home that we are overjoyed with. We still feel the same excitement when we come home each day, which we felt the first day upon returning for the big “reveal”.

Rebecca and Deb were highly professional, and easy to work with on so many levels. We even became good friends in the process! Imagine that.

We give them an A+ for Design, and an A+ for Customer Service.
— Bev + Marta, Montecito Heights

My husband and I were in the final stages of building our ultimate dream house and were on the hunt for uncommon, truly original furniture and accessories. We immediately loved Rebecca’s taste and completely trusted her design instincts. She showed us a gorgeous 1950s Danish wall unit with glass doors, grand and beautiful and unlike anything we’d ever seen! It is a cherished piece in our home and we feel so lucky to have it. Rebecca is a delight to work with and her elegance, brilliance, and fantastic aesthetic carries over from sofas to coffee tables to exquisite works of art. We can’t recommend her highly enough!
— Anita & Marc Sabine, Santa Monica, California

All I can say about Rebecca Cox and Deb Vigna of LILY SPINDLE is WOW! WOW! WOW! They took all the “problem areas” in my house and came up with simple, elegant, cost conscious solutions. They, literally, pulled my house together in a way I have NEVER been able to do. I worked with a designer once before and I seriously think it gave me PTSD. I was terrified of trying again. But Deb and Rebecca made it easy and fun and . . . well, kinda magical.
— Cathleen & Patrick Young, Santa Monica, California
How does one know that they even need help?

It’s when you’ve been dying for years to do something fresh with your house, and suddenly your good friends start a company that does just that. The initial embarrassment to ask for help, leads to, “Oh, we’ll come by and take a look.” The date is set, and the newly minted Lily Spindle is suddenly seeing our living room in ways that we never or ever could. Suggestions are made, pictures sent, and soon we are sitting in the living room of our dreams. Which of course you could never dream of, since one can not take the time to grasp the immense amount of knowledge necessary to make the decisions about what to place where – or even know that it exists.

Rebecca and Debra have a trained eye, and an amazing sense of style that transcends all genres. They also have the ability to work closely with their clients, giving them what they want, and in some cases, gently educating them on what they need.

We moved from the living room to the dining room, next stop, the bedroom, a continual collaboration, until that entire house will have been redone to evoke the unique Lily Spindle aesthetic.
— Jim & Nancy Evans, Malibu, California