Montecito Heights, 



This two-story condo in peaceful and quiet Montecito Hills, nestled beside Highland Park and Mount Washington, had a spectacular view of Los Angeles and an interior that was nearly complete.

A couple for over two decades, this pair of wonderful women reached a certain point in their undertaking of home improvements before their shared busy-ness of work, travel, and full-time animal rescue superseded their inclinations to completely finish the space.  While the basic elements were established – dining table and chairs, sectional sofa and coffee table, and painted walls throughout, the zing and magic of art, accessories, and textiles were up to us.

Combining affordable prints by their favorite artists with several original pieces, vintage accessories, custom throw pillows, and modern versions of mid-century designs in the way of side tables and a custom credenza, we completed the work they’d “put a pin in” half a year before.

What became nearly paramount to all else in our custom furniture production for this sweet animal-loving couple was the creation of a custom mid-century modern style doghouse and indoor enclosure for their beloved little blind Chihuahua, Annie. Entirely toothless and undeniably adorable, she deserved some digs of her own that the ladies trusted would keep her safe, but they’d also love having in their home. With the help of woodworking crafters in San Diego, we pulled it off and Annie might have the most awesome digs of any rescue pup this side of the Mississippi! We’re quite certain her Chihuahua siblings are jealous as all get-out.