Rebecca Cox

A writer from the East coast with an obsession for vintage furniture and original art, Rebecca Cox has amassed nearly two decades’ worth of experience in the interior design industry and art gallery business. She moved to Los Angeles eight years ago from Portsmouth, NH, where she was managing a contemporary art gallery and boutique, to begin art consulting (residential and commercial) with an LA-based firm. Returning to her roots in the realm of furniture and decor, she ran the design studio and retail space of a Santa Monica-based interior designer for years, handling all aspects of the company, which included traveling to esoteric places both near and far for shopping trips, and further honing her chops and intensifying her love for making spaces beautiful and unusual.

The creator of minutelovestories, a series of 200-word love stories she began writing in 2010, a portion of the stories within her book A Quiver for Lapsed Romantics were brought to the theatrical stage for the Hollywood Fringe Festival and were exhibited at the Craig Krull Gallery in Santa Monica.  She’s currently working on a collaborative book with the artist Vivienne Strauss.

Originally from Massachusetts, she holds a Bachelor of Arts in English from University of New Hampshire and is married to the artist Ned Evans. They live in Venice, California with their four rescue dogs and single black cat, Bright.



Debra Vigna

Growing up in the ‘60s, Debra’s love of design was sparked early on by the mod  Adrian Pearsalll furniture in her family home in New Jersey. Making things and arranging them were always a part of her life, even as a child when she “remodeled” her bedroom innumerable times. A fascination with materials, especially fabrics, inspired mixed media sculptures and eventually led her to apply her creative talents to the design of handicrafts in Vietnam and Nepal for a humanitarian organization.  Debra’s strong aesthetic sensibilities derive from her training as an artist and her twenty years as a painting conservator. Prior to launching Lily Spindle, Debra has been immersed in the contemporary art world working with galleries, museums, and private art collections. She brings to Lily Spindle an intimate and ineffable knowledge of art that only a conservator can have.

Debra received her B.A at the University of California, Irvine in Studio Art. A convert to the California lifestyle, she currently shares a midcentury ranch house with her husband, David Lloyd- a well-known Los Angeles artist- three rescue dogs and three cats.  Balancing it all out, is a love of surfing, travel and volunteering at the local animal shelter.