Los Feliz, California


When we first set foot into this one-story, mid-century home at the base of Griffith Park, we immediately sensed the ebullient, mirthful energy within its walls. However, most of the house didn't convey that innate liveliness, despite the obvious joy de vivre of the entire household – five rescue dogs, two kids, a corn snake, a screenwriter/director husband and an animal shelter intervention founder wife all heartily and happily living life to its fullest.

We aimed to create a refreshed, totally livable, 100% lovable space for everyone (animals included) wherein beauty, richness, color, and light infused the space, eschewing anything "precious”, delicate, or fragile in our additions or changes. Everything we integrated into the space was both sturdy and spectacular - in terms of textiles, we introduced indigo cotton pillows and poufs, modern wool rugs, washable cotton coverlets and bedding. Myriad vintage lamps in sunny yellow and burnt sienna and a MCM-style locally-made custom credenza offset the new paint colors in the master bedroom, den, and daughter's bedroom (deep azure, radiant yellow, and fuchsia, respectively). Large-scale, abstract contemporary paintings from LA artists David Lloyd and Ned Evans fit perfectly within the couple's growing art collection, comprised predominantly of photography and representational paintings. 

Especially when kids and animals are in the mix, there’s an ineffable balance concerning interiors, a balance between the beautiful and the utilitarian, the sturdy and the sophisticated. After all, a house is to be lived in. We’re just trying to make the place where you sleep, dream, laugh, dine, and, well, live your life, a place where you absolutely love to be.