Classic Californian


What do you get when you combine a writer, a lawyer, an aging Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, and a set of twins on the cusp of teenagedom? You get a much-needed bedroom evolution to bring everyone up to speed with their tastes and the time.

They may be identical twins, but these pre-teen girls clearly held their own in terms of independent aesthetics - one was obsessed with the color orange (a girl after our own heart!) and the other navy and sky blue. As the girls’ rooms are next door to one another, we approached their re-dos using analogous textures and elements to address their respective revamping with equality and balance. With new bedding, pillows, accent chairs, and kilim rugs, the twins’ bedrooms aptly reflected their different passions and personalities, as well as their age. 

And for the writer and lawyer and aforementioned senior citizen canine, who slumbered regularly on his owner's bed? Inspired to invite radiance and sophistication into the master bedroom, we brought in sumptuous linen sheets, bedding, and pillows in indigos, maize yellow, and ivory. And, elsewhere in the home, we added a custom-made kitchen island, a vintage rosewood bookcase, arc lamp, velvet pillows and cashmere throws for the family room, and a brass La Barge cocktail table in the formal living room.