peter shelton

LACMA shows Ed Moses' 1960s and '70s drawings

We had a magnificent time at this week's opening for Ed Moses' drawing exhibition at LACMA, talking with Vija Celmins, Charles Christopher Hill and Jane Kennedy, Barbara McCarren and Jud Fine, Jimi Gleason, Jennifer Quinn and her husband Eric, Peter Shelton, Kelly Brumfield Woods, Laddie John Dill, Mary Ann Dill, and, of course, the inimitable Ed Moses himself. Some of these graphite drawings from the early '60s days of the Ferus Gallery, stunning and awe-inspiring expressions of obsessive pattern-making, are among our absolute favorites within Moses' lifelong career.

Seeing Chris Burden's "Urban Lights," known as one of the greatest landmarks in all of LA, was a mournful moment in the dark as we were leaving the museum and walking to our cars. A fearless, ambitious, genius artist, Burden passed away this Sunday at the age of 69. His absence will be felt by many. And LACMA prepares his final installation, "Ode to Santos Dumont," which will be open to the public as of this coming Monday, May 18th.