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Finding beauty + pursuing happiness

welp, 2017 was one heck of a year, wasn't it? Overbrimming with joy, angst, triumphs, setbacks, struggles, empowerment, excitement, rancor, compassion, creativity, unity. . . and throughout it all, LOTS + LOTS of beauty to be found. As 2018 launches itself into orbit, we're promising to bring more beauty into every day. Whether it's adoring the shape of one of our dog's snouts or seriously digging that first sip of an almond milk latte at the local coffee shop, donating more money or time to a cause we care about deeply or visiting an art gallery to expose our peepers and imagination to ever-new shapes, colors, and concepts...we're determined to find the beauty, people! (collage below is an assemblage of some of our work from last year, not always professionally photographed, so please forgive ;), but it was super fun to see a bit of our handiwork all cobbled together into an itty bitty square, and if you can't discern from the rooms shown, we ain't afraid of color)


With regards to Lily Spindle and what we do, as well as how it relates to our own personal lives, Deb and I feel that beauty is an integral and vital part of a happy existence. It matters. It feeds the soul in ineffable ways. It inspires happiness. And beauty begets beauty, so the more we/you make, the more there can be in this world. Read this short TED Talk on the importance of beauty!

Speaking of beauty and power, it's been a whole dang year since the Women's March. And here we are again, thousands of us, sneakers on and signs in-hand, ready to gather together in unity, stand up and shout in defense of what's right, and rage against what's wrong. Assembling with solidarity gives us strength and bolsters our vehemence and makes our collective voice LOUD AS HELL. But it also makes us trust one another in a very unique and palpable way and, well, truly give a shit about each other. Last year's march felt like an awesome, energized convergence of 350,000 awesome, energized people. We had each others' backs, watched out for each other, and respected our fellow humans and their unquestionably valid worries, fears, indignations, and desire to pursue happiness, not just for one's own self, but for the happiness of humanity ...and if we all did more of that, imagine what kind of spectacular planet this would be? 

xx - Rebecca