fostering dogs

Happy National Dog Day!

As you well know, we are fervent devotees of animal rescue and do what we can to help speak up for the voiceless. We also have a whole lovely pack of goofball dogs between us, each of them rescues of varying ages and sizes, but of equal cuteness. For National Dog Day, we're celebrating our wonderful knuckleheads and featuring Deb's super magical dog (one of three), the one and only LILY (yes, she's partly the inspiration for our name).

We strongly suggest reaching out to your local rescues, spay and neuter programs, shelters, and intervention programs to affect change. Every effort, collectively, can make a huge impact and we, day by day, dog by dog, cat by cat, bunny by bunny,  can change the overpopulation, neglect, and abuse of animals. Foster, donate, adopt, rescue, volunteer! They're worth it. WE PROMISE!

with love,