Summer of Fun, Summer of Resistance

We've got a few exciting projects happening this summer and wanted to announce that ALL of our summer and autumn projects will be directly impacting our altruism, as throughout these summer months and into the fall, Lily Spindle will be donating regularly to the following amazing organizations: 
RAICES - The Refugee and Immigrant Center for Education and Legal Services
ACLU - American Civil Liberties Union
SPLC - Southern Poverty Law Center
Emily's List
Planned Parenthood

This is, without question, a challenging time of upheaval and disruption, untruths and discrimination. We are believers in being a voice for those whose voices will not or cannot be heard, we're believers in defending the rights of women, children, and animals, and we're believers in kindness, compassion, and humanity. And if there was ever a time to foster kindness, compassion, and humanity, it's now. 

Go hug your kids, your pets, and your partners, speak up, stand up, and if you're able to do so this summer, volunteer to help unregistered, eligible voters get valid IDs to allow them to use their own integral voices at the voting booth. Spread the Vote and Everything You Need to Vote are two fantastic sites that make voting extremely simple and straightforward. ROCK THAT DAMN VOTE, Y'ALL.

On the topic of kindness and compassion, it makes perfect sense why we'd be featuring U.K. illustrator "Drawings of Dogs" (aka Henry James Garrett) in our upcoming SHAPERS q+a. We first spotted Henry's incredible illustrations on Instagram and it grabbed our attention immediately. Stay tuned for our talk with him about empathy, doing the right thing, and why dogs are so remarkable.

Happy July! 

xx - Rebecca + Debra